The World in Bits and Pieces focuses on many different projects. What they all have in common is the same intention and the same underlying value:

Respecting each and every being on this earth and treating them with equality. No matter if we´re talking about humans, about different cultures, or about animals. Mutual respect for or earth and it´s beings is what this site is all about.

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In this three sections I´m sharing my knowledge, my personal values. I´m uniquely talking about my own experience, my feelings, my ways of living life. I´m only offering advice on things I´ve already experienced.

I´m driven by the strong believe that every being on this earth is equal, that´s what I stand for and that´s my understanding of mutual respect. Living in harmony with myself and the world around me is something I strongly believe in and something I want to share.

Now, I´ll give you a brief introduction on what which section is focusing about.

Travels: In this segment I am talking about the experiences I gained travelling and living abroad. Travelling has broadened my mind and helped me grow as a person – I want to share this amazing experiences with all of you! As I´m constantly visiting new places, I can also be your tour guide, offering tips on how to get around and what to do in a specific city.


Self development: I´ve been going through a lot of change lately, but a lot of things changed for the better. So I wanted to share my personal story and my experiences as well as my difficulties and struggles. I am growing every day, I am trying to make the best out of me every moment I´m living. I have changed mentally due my overall consciousness, but also physically as I am following a plant based diet. Everything that helped and is still helping me on my journey I want to share now!


Cultural diversity: Here I am focusing on the beautiful differences our world has to offer. So many countries, so many different cultures, so many different people. My current project is interviewing people about their culture and about their sense of belonging to a certain culture. I´m also focusing on prejudices and on people explaining why these pre-formed assumptions are not true in any way.


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