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Colors and coasts

“We are not hippies, we are happies” – the famous graffiti of Valparaiso is describing the vibe of this city perfectly. Attracting hundreds of tourists each day it is a place you just have to visit once you are in Chile. Just a few hours away from the capital it is simply breathtaking. The whole city is covered in street art; the whole city … Read More Colors and coasts


Austria meets Chile

I have to admit – being brought up in Europe and then going to South America can result in a little culture shock. Not that I was completely unaware of possible differences – but if you’re travelling a lot of things can turn out to be different than expected. I myself didn’t really know what to expect from Chile. I just went there. Without … Read More Austria meets Chile


The other side of the world

For 19 years my life was just taking place in Vienna. Well, ok, not only Vienna. Maybe Europe. But that was about it. Just a few trips to other countries were part of my childhood. Resulting in the typical family-vacation-situation. Flying to the beach, laying around and letting yourself getting sunburned out of boredom several times. Not really being active just hitting the waves … Read More The other side of the world