Living in a perfect flow

Have you ever experienced your life entering a flowing kind of state? Coincidence after coincidence lining up one after another leading you exactly where you need to go? For those of you who know the Celestine Prophecy – I think you know what I´m talking about. This summer I finally realised that these flows usually occur when you are in complete alignment with yourself. Content and confident and just ready for new experiences and all of their magic.

But first things first, lets recap from where it all started. In August this summer I went to Ozora, a psytrance festival in Hungary and afterwards to Samsara, a Yoga/Psytrance festival close to Ozora. The end of the festival was when the magic started. The two festivals taught me a lot. After the second one was over I felt like I finally was in a place of full acceptance and just trust that everything would always be alright. I didn´t know where I would go after the festival. In fact, I had planned nothing except coming to Ozora – now my friends with whom I came to Samsara were leaving for Denmark and I had to see what I wanted to do. These days however, I didn´t really worry about it. Something would show up when the time is right. And it did.

At the last day of the festival I met a Swiss guy while fully engaged in a coconut workshop. He sat down, we chatted a little, then he asked me about my plans after the festival. When I told him I didn´t have any, he then offered to join him for going to Budapest. He was planning to go there for a few days, then move again to another festival in Romania. I wanted to stay in Budapest for a few days as well, then to go on to an ecstatic dance festival in the Ukraine.


He and another friend then met Victor, a sweet guy from Hungary, who even offered us to stay with him for a few days. Meeting Victor showed me once again how incredibly nice and inspiring a person can be. He offered to pick us up and to drive us to Budapest a day later than expected, because he was joining his wife and baby daughter at a lake not far from the festival. So, we got to enjoy the festival one more day, then Victor came back for us. He drove all the way back to the festival just to pick us up! And he didn´t even mind doing that. Later on, I learned he had Parkinson and the way he dealt with his illness was just incredibly inspiring. He could still do everything from driving a car to working even though his illness seemed to be quite severe. He worked at home via laptop with many international people and was quite a busy man. Yet very inspiring and deeply thinking about life.

He drove us to his house in the suburbs of Budapest which was just atoningly beautiful. I couldn´t believe my eyes – two balconies, two bathrooms and an amazing view over the whole city – this house was just perfect. We could also take a shower there – and showering in a real shower after nearly three weeks on a festival was surely the highlight of my day. We could stay in his house for the night and decided to make vegan falafel for him as a little thank you. He had done so much for us and we just wanted to give something back. We enjoyed the falafel over a nice conversation which ended hours later on the balcony. The day after, all of us had to leave to stay in the centre of Budapest to catch our buses. Victor had a flat in the city centre as well, gave us the key and let us stay there. Me and the Swiss guy stayed there for a night, then he left and I stayed for one more night.  

Budapest in a new light

I had met another Hungarian guy at the end of Samsara who wanted to meet up in the city as well. We decided to hang out on my last night and that was the best decision I could have made. It turned out to be the perfect end of my tip. Now, I already knew Budapest from three years ago, but there were still a lot of parts of the city I had never been to. So, we went out to eat some vegan food, then went on to take a walk in the city. As I had been to Budapest before, I had one favourite spot in the in the city already. A bridge which you could climb up and sit on. That was our first stop. It was a full moon that night and whole city was shed in the beautiful, soothing moon light. I could admire its reflexion in the Danube while we were sitting on top of the bridge, talking and enjoying life. I could see both sides of the city, Buda and Pest lighting up shining brighter and brighter. We were sitting high up looking down on the cars rolling over the bridge under us. It felt truly amazing being up there, seeming to be so far away from everything. After a while, we decided to move and went on to a club in Budapest my friend wanted to show me. It was a very artsy club which I don´t remember the name of, but it was huge and there was always something new to check out. We stayed there for a while, then went on a walk through the city again and to the apartment I was staying in. We said goodbye and at 3 am I went to bed. I was looking forward to around 3 hours to sleep as my bus I was supposed to take that day was about to leave at 6 am. Good enough, I thought and soon went into deep deep sleep.

being lucky

I woke up the next morning and checked the time right away. Oh no. It was already 7am! Hectically I jumped out of bed, not knowing what to do first. How could that have happened? How could I not have heard my alarm? I checked my phone. One unread message from Flixbus. “Your bus is 180 minutes late.” My heartbeat slowed down. Okay. I was lucky, I still had time to go to the bus station. I somehow couldn´t even believe that I was so lucky. Maybe the delay would change? So, I packed all of my things quickly and went on to the bus station. Where, indeed, there was no bus. Relieved I took of my heavy backpack and sat down to calm down a little. Wow. My journey to the Ukraine had officially just begun! During the time waiting I met a nice guy from America who also needed to go to Krakow, which was my first stop on the ways. We talked a little until the bus finally came. Until now, everything had flown perfectly, I had experienced so many incredible possibilities that just came to me by chance – and I felt optimistic that it would go on like that.

In the bus just sat there, listened to music and to an audio book and just thought about the world out there while looking out of the window. I really love bus rides. Looking at places I´ve never seen before and thinking about the places I was about to visit already got me excited. The bus ride from Budapest to Krakow took around 11 hours and I tried to get back a little sleep – which didn´t really work. Arriving in Krakow, where I also had been before, I went to some of my favourite places again as I had a little time until my Blablacar was about to leave. I was planning to take a Blablacar from there to Ivano-Frankivsk in Ukraine which was a city close to the festival I wanted to go to.

New experiences with BlablaCar

It got darker and darker and my Blablacar was supposed to leave around midnight. Before, I had messaged the driver without getting a reply. I even messaged him in Russian and Polish in case he didn´t understand English. But nothing. No answer. Then I tried calling him but he hung up as soon as I started to speak. I was a little confused, but still believed that everything would turn out alright. Not thinking about it any further, I made my way to the bus station which was mentioned in the Blablacar description and decided to just wait there. The meeting spot was the main train station of Krakow. I waited and waited, but no one showed up. Getting a little more worried and the time already passing midnight, I finally called the driver again. This time, a woman picked up. When I asked her where they would pick me up she simply just said “Oh sorry. There´s no space anymore.” And hung up. I couldn´t believe what I just heard. This was my only option to go to Ukraine and reach the festival in time. Something like that had never happened to me on Blablacar before! Standing out there at night, alone, in the middle of the station. It was cold and the train station seemed to be closed so I couldn´t even go in to keep me warm. I felt so much frustration and confusion in this moment I didn´t even know what to do. I was tired as I hadn´t slept much the night before and just couldn´t understand why someone would do that to me. Why would someone just leave me at a train station in the middle of the night? A Train station around this time is also not such a pleasant place to be. All this anger and frustration was boiling up inside me and I simply burst out into tears. I didn´t know another way to go to the festival nor did I want to pay that much money for the train. But then I quickly cheered myself up again. Telling myself that crying now for sure wouldn´t help. If anything, I could see what I could make out of it. What could I still do to turn the situation around? I picked up my heavy bag and walked towards the train station. Into a new adventure, I mused, already with a slight smile on my face.

How did it go on after that? And what did I experience in Ukraine? Stay tuned for next weeks post!

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