Thoughts on strangers

So many strangers. Aren´t we all strangers in this world? Who do we know when we first set foot onto mother earth? Nobody. Protected and shielded in our mother’s womb. All protected. All alone.

But– are we really all alone? No. Strangers, sitting in front of each other at a table. The café is packed, no other space to sit. So, they had to share a table. Sitting on a table together, separated by different coffee mugs. Staring in opposite directions. Avoiding eye contact. No one daring to look into the other´s eyes. But no. we stay separated, we stay by ourselves. We don´t know what to say and how to say it. We grow further apart.

A stranger who could become your friend in a heartbeat. If you would let him in. Aren´t we all the same? Why are we constantly creating a barrier between us? What is mine and what is yours? Shouldn´t we all be glad to have this incredible chance to live in this world? The experience each and every day? To be alive and breath in the fresh air. To being able to jump and run and walk. If we´re all the same why is it so hard for us to connect with another human being? Shouldn´t a simple “Hello. Tell me about you?” be enough? Instead of meaningless bullshit talk about the weather. Questions like “Where are you from” or “What do you do?”. Rather we should ask “What is your dream?” “What is your passion?” “Who do you want to be in this life?” “What is your passion?” “What are you striving for?” “Can I maybe help you achieve your goals?”

Or maybe I can just be there with an open ear to listen to you which sometimes is enough. Sometimes you just need someone to listen. We are able to engage in so many different forms of communication. We can understand each other without words. Sometimes, a simple look into each other’s eyes is enough. One look and we know what is going on. If you look into the eyes of a stranger and you look close enough you will see if this person needs someone to talk to, someone to listen or just someone to be there. We just constantly choose to separate ourselves from each other. Put up a wall to enhance the distance. When in the end all we want is just to break through the wall to see the real faces. We all want to be seen. To be noticed. To be connected to the real soul and not the image we put out there.

An image might be easy to create. It might be easy to only show the nice and good sides of yourself. But where will it lead you if you never show and never accept your dark side? If you never have the courage to talk to a mere stranger about it. Or don´t talk. But show who you are. Without a mask, without any thought behind. Just the raw you. Small and vulnerable, yet newly nourished and powerful. Wouldn´t we all have it so much easier without playing this game? Without worrying if someone might like us. Without worrying if we might come across as weird. In the end we just need to be happy with us ourselves. No one else needs to be happy for us. If you are happy with who you are you will transmit this feeling to others, and they will feel happy to be in your presence. They will enjoy who you are. And if not? Then you stay true to yourself. Then you don´t bend down and change your personality every time you meet someone new. You don´t chicken out if someone has a different opinion than you. You accept it and are able to move on from it. You are able to talk about it. And you won´t feel threatened by other beliefs and opinions. If you are secure you will be greatly respected for speaking your mind.

Strangers might be drawn to you as well. You will talk to them. You will see brothers and sisters in every person you run into. Everyone you get in touch with you will recognize as an unique soul of this universe. Beautiful and unique. On their own special journey. We all have limited time on this planet, and we should use it wisely. But just imagine how much more you could learn if you just would let yourself connect with a new stranger every day! How much would you grow only in a week, a year a month? Simple learning from the knowledge and wisdom of others. Each person in this world can teach you something. It might not be easy to see at first, but everyone has a unique quality. You could just engage in a little conversation, give a stranger a little smile, a little something. A little act of kindness. People feeling less alone and confused in this world. Beautiful human connections with other beautiful souls who help each other to grow and shine. To shine so bright the light will even grow and get lighter and brighter. Bringing this light over the whole world.

Especially when we are in a foreign environment we tend to feel alone quite easily. A little act of kindness from a stranger can sometimes safe a day. Can sometimes turn a day full of misery into one filled with happiness. A little act of kindness. We should all consider being kind to each other. Just a tiny gesture. That´s enough. The feeling of being all alone in the world can only overcome you too quickly if you are all alone and know no one around you. A stranger among strangers. A lot of eyes on you. Which can be terrifying if they seem to be judging you. If they seem wanting to expose you, to hurt you. But if there´s just a little smile in the crowd we instantly feel better. We instantly regain faith in humankind. Just a genuine smile. A smile can save a day. Can even save a life. You never now.  It´s just a little kindness to a stranger.

Who will, after all, not be a stranger. But only another beautiful creature of this universe. Another being, risen from stardust having a human experience and falling back into pieces afterwards once again. The body, the illusion will be blown away by the wind. But the soul will stay forever. The soul will always stay connected. It will always be with you. That´s why these little acts of kindness matter. They matter as they will stay at your side infinitely. They will walk a bit of your way with you. Trust in their kindness. And give it back to them whenever you can. We can all use a little kindness in our lives. So why not start? Right here, right now. What are you waiting for?

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