My hypnosis experience

During my travels through India I got in contact with a lot of spiritual practises. One of them was hypnosis. A practise I didn´t know much about before. I just had a gut feeling I should go and try it out. I had no idea what to expect – and never could have imagined what I was about to experience.  

It all started with me finding an ad of a hypnosis therapist in the newspaper of the village I was staying in. I was curious, so I booked my session and a few days later I already found myself in the advertised guesthouse. In the middle of the woods, 9 am in the morning. A beautiful, calm and quiet place. There I was warmly welcomed by a Chinese woman who was already waiting for me. We exchanged a warm hug as if we already knew each other, then she led me into her trailer in the back of the guesthouse. This was where she was giving her sessions. A small space, with a mat and two pillows on the floor. Simple, but still a special aura about it. We sat down facing each other and started talking normally first. Getting to know each other a little I found out she was from Beijing and moved to the Indian village five years ago. Something about this place kept her there – and it was not hard to see what. The energy, the people. Everything had already struck me in not more than 5 days I had spent in the place. After her telling me a little more about herself it was my turn to talk about me and what I was doing in the village as well.

I finished my short introduction, then we started the session. Sitting in front of each other on a cushion she asked me to fully relax myself and then proceeded to ask me: “What do you want most in life, creatively?”

The answer was simple, I knew it since I was probably 8 years old.

“I want to be a writer”, I replied instantly.

“Dig a little deeper”, she insisted, “What do you want to express creatively? What do you want to express with your writing? It shouldn´t be more than three words.”

She gave me time to think a little, then I just spoke out the first word that came to my mind.

“Peace, love and harmony”. In exactly this order. That finally was something she could work with.

“So, what is stopping you from spreading peace, love and harmony?”, she asked softly, “Listen to your heart. Listen what your heart tells you.”

I placed both of my hands over my heart and listened closely. From the outside world, I could not see any obstacles. From the inside however, I could. Looking deep inside me I told her everything I could see, everything that my heart was telling me. She proceeded softly asking me questions, getting closer a closer to the root of my problem. I trusted her completely, all the way. Which was crucial for me to being able open up that much and basically tell this woman I didn´t even know my deepest fears and complexes. However, she created such a loving, safe atmosphere I would have told her anything at that point. I trusted her completely. And so I told her what I was already feeling deep down inside.

Going through this process with her I also felt the energy in the room changing. When we first started, I was full of love, vibrating with happiness. Afterwards, my energy turned dark, sad and small as I was reminded of the worst side of myself. Then, however, she managed to turn my energy back around. In such a beautiful way she guided me into trance, telling me softly I could achieve anything I desired. While her soft words reached my ears, I saw colours in front of me. Lots of mandalas changing patterns and colours in front of my eyes the whole time. From blue to orange, to red to green to yellow to white. I felt like sitting inside a small bubble of light. Totally protected and understood. Totally at home and at peace. As the room we were in was so small the whole room came to this light, bright atmosphere we captured there.

After all of it was over I felt so light again, so bright, so happy.

She told me how to deal with sadness or other emotions that might disturb your balance. She told me to create a room where I should invite these emotions. A room where I could welcome them, drink tea with them. But I should never forget that they were just guests. Guests I could welcome for a while but eventually they would be asked to leave. Which was a beautiful way of looking at it. I started to feel a subtle shift right away. I felt that this underlying sadness, that I had carried around with my subconsciously before, was gone.

And I could see others felt it too. Others were drawn to my presence afterwards without me doing anything. I had so many beautiful encounters on the very same day that even made me happier than I already was. This simple hypnosis had such a huge impact on me, and I just felt a huge amount of gratefulness towards this woman.

This hypnosis had given me something I was lacking for a long time before. As quite an emotional person, I was for the first time in my life given a tool on how to deal with it. The hypnosis was also not what I had expected a hypnosis to be. I thought during a hypnosis you would lose control over yourself. I thought the therapist could be in complete control over all your senses. Which is not the case at all. I was always in control of myself. I knew what I was telling her and only told what I wanted to tell her. She could not have made me say something I wouldn´t have wanted. She just helped me access some information, some knowledge about myself that was already there, but I couldn´t access by myself.

It was a beautiful experience which also showed me, however, that this is something that personal, I couldn´t have done it with everyone. You need to trust that person, and upon the moment I saw her, I knew I could trust her. I just had a very positive feeling about her which I kept throughout the whole experience. After it was over she also asked me about what I just revealed, and we had a little talk afterwards. She then even drove me back home on her motorcycle and told me to come back to visit her any time. Which I would do, coming back to the city. I hugged her goodbye and was left struck by what I just had experienced – and grateful for me being able to have such a beautiful inside of myself.

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