How Yoga can help you to connect with yourself

Yoga. I´ve already written a few posts about this beautiful practise, but ever since I came back from my travels, back to “normal life” again, I begin to see more and more how crucial it is to implement yoga in my daily routine. Starting my day with or without yoga makes a very big difference. Every time I somehow can´t practise in the morning I feel that something is missing. But what kind of difference does it exactly make?

Waking up with Yoga

I love having yoga as a part of my morning routine. Usually, I practise for about an hour, mostly around 7am with the raising sun. It´s just insanely beautiful to watch the sun rise while welcoming it with the sun salutation. As I get up quite early, I have the whole day ahead of me and start it with a lot of energy I get from the practise. Some days, when I am running low on energy and I’m not that motivated, I usually adjust the time or intensity of my practise – that´s the beauty of yoga! You´re not competing with anyone, you are your own master and you know what´s best for yourself. So, you decide how, when and how long you want to practise.

Keeping up the routine

Lately, I´ve come to realise how hard it is sometimes to keep up a routine. Once you habe already built it and are used to it, it´s easy to keep going on and on – but keeping up newly developped habits can be a challenge. Daily yoga practise is no exception here.  Even I myself – although I really love yoga and know about all its benefits – can still feel unmotivated or not wiling to get out of bed sometimes. I guess everybody has these kinds of days. What I use to do then though, is forcing myself to get up and try. The first few minutes I might be tired and not so willing to practise, but that usually disappears after five minutes when my body is slowly waking up. Then I don´t even want to stop, I´m just enjoying feeling every single muscle in the morning. This gentle force towards yourself works for building up any routine. Remind yourself why you want to follow it. And then stick to it. Day after day after day. There´s a saying that once you are able to keep up a routine for a year you will stick to it your whole life. Considering the length of a lifetime, a year is not much to be sacrificed.

How yoga continues to help me day after day

Yoga is not only about toning your physical body, but also helping you to put your mind in the right place. This practise helps you to balance body and mind. The calmer the body, the calmer the mind and the soul. Once your body is completely in line with itself and fully balanced, you will be able to enter a meditative state way easier from here. Yoga is preparing and prepping your body for the higher stages of meditation and of connecting with yourself on an even deeper level. Which I am feeling each and every day. If I am stressed out and start practising yoga, I will be way calmer afterwards, won´t stress as much and also gain back my focus a little more.

Calming down with yoga when you´re stressed out

Who doesn´t know it: you have a ton of things on your plate, work, studies, friends, hobbies, personal projects – and you are trying to balance all of them as good as you can. Some are better juggling that many tasks at once, some worse, but eventually it can get too much for anyone – no matter how good at juggeling. When everything seems to be getting too much it can be hard to relax, because your mind would rather focus on all the unfinished tasks that yet lay in front of you. Whenever I feel like that, I take a moment to breathe and to acknowledge that I have a lot of things in my life to be grateful for. And that no matter how stressed out I am at a moment, it will not last for forever. It will pass eventually. Closing my eyes and breathing in deeply connects me to the present moment. I stay there for a while until I feel ready to proceed, then I go on with my practise. Then, only when I am truly in the moment, I experience all the benefits yoga has to offer.

Benefits of yoga

I discover more and more benefits of yoga since I let it be part of my daily routine. When I am thinking back to my first yoga session, I still know how calm I felt, how much I was at peace with myself and the world. My body seemed to be in a state of pure relaxation and I was utterly grateful for what I just experienced. My body might have been exhausted on the outside, but it was glowing and growing on the inside. Implementing the practise into your daily routine you will feel these benefits every single day – and they will only grow stronger. In yoga, your main goal is to focus on yourself. Yoga is beautiful self-practise, self-acceptance and self-worshiping. It can help you to deeply connect with your inner self. Yoga postures seem to work on the surface, but their effect is way deeper than just a mere stretch. While practising and doing asanas, you learn more about your body. You learn to listen to your body, you learn about your limits and how far you are willing to push yourself. Without any stress, without any desire to compete with others. Yoga is not about competing. It is solely for you. You are the only one you need to keep up with. You are the only one you need to compare yourself with. If you are making progress, that´s all that matters. Practising yoga you can work on yourself each and every day. Every day you can push yourself a little further. Every day you can grow into yourself a little more. Every day you will newly develop a great respect and acceptance for yourself.

Enhance your focus and attention

This is probably one of the most important benefits you will experience. While doing yoga you need to focus – on your breath, on the exercises and on your flow. You will get used to focusing, and it will get way easier for you to focus on a single thing. While we might be used to multitask and do ten things at once, we only can truly focus on one thing – and then get it done with all our focus and attention. Then your tasks will also be done well.  The mind will be here, in the present moment and won´t wander off like it does so often. Jumping around like a monkey not ablw to focus. No. you will be right here right now. Connecting with your breath. You will be completely engaged in your flow, deeply concentrated and focused on your practise. Surroundings won´t matter anymore. You won´t even hear the noise outside your window.

How to start?

I´ve been talking about practising yoga at home myself, but if you never practised before, what´s the best way to start? YouTube videos are an option, but I would highly recommend starting out with a teacher – and videos on the side. A teacher will be able to correct your mistakes and will help you to learn the positions the best way. Watching a video and trying to imitate the postures you will never know if you are making a mistake and might hurt yourself. If you have taken a few lessons, you can try to practise at home by yourself with the positions you still remembered from class – which is what I did when I started. Or you can try practising with videos. Once you start out with classes, they don´t necessarily need to be expensive. In most cities, yoga in a parc is offered as well. which depends on the weather of course, but it is way cheaper and a good way to start out! If you want to read more about yoga: here´s some other posts!

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