Laughing meditation 

Meditation – something that has helped and continues to help me a lot in my life. During my yoga teacher training in India my classmates and I experienced a lot of different forms of meditation. Especially some group meditations I want to describe in more detail as they are a beautiful tool to unite a group and bring the members closer together.

Laughing meditation

This meditation was one of my favourite ones. We first built up some tension in our bodies with breathing exercises while moving our arms. Then we were chanting a mantra loudly for a while. And then we had to start laughing. At first, the laughter were quite forced, we were all not sure what to do. It was a bit strange to just start laughing without any obvious reason. However, our laughter soon got more intense. There was always a person who had a clear load and funny laugh and who kept all the others going. More and more people started laughing and soon we were no longer able to stop. We had classes in which I was laughing to hardly my whole body was hurting afterwards. It was a beautiful connection to laugh together, to free ourselves from worries and sorrows together. Even if I wasn´t in the best mood before I was always happy afterwards. You simply cannot laugh and stay in a bad mood at the same time. Laughing together felt so liberating after feeling all this tension in the body just vanished. We just kept laughing and laughing until our bellies hurt and we could not do so anymore. I even experienced moments I was laughing so hardly, I wanted to keep on but my body just didn´t let me- that´s how out of breath I was. After laughing, we had to start dancing.


This kind of meditation was great as well as we could just release all the energy from laughing. As we were sitting down for a long time before, we needed to move our bodies again. The music that was put on was just perfect, I soon let lose and just danced it off. In a space where I didn´t have to care about being judged for dancing everybody could just let go and express themselves however they felt. This experience led me to adapt the attitude and just enjoy dancing however I want whenever I can and wherever I want. It´s the best feeling in the world to move your body to the music the way you feel like. Even if it might be considered “weird” – what is weird anyways? If you feel good and people feel your energy, it will make you and everyone around you happy as well. I was always almost ecstatically happy after dancing. We were dancing for a few minutes, then we were told to lay down on our backs. Here our teacher was always talking, but I remember one time very clearly. A guided meditation experience I want to share like it happened.

Guided meditation experience

Our teacher told us to close our eyes and to relax. To think about that we are dead. That we are not our body. Our body is just the outer shell in this universe. We ourselves are eternal. We are infinite. We will live on forever. Imagine you are dead. Imagine, you are in peace, apart from your body. And that´s what happened. Suddenly I found myself in a deep and dark wood. Pink flowers were blooming between the green dark green grass, bright and shiny. A bit of sunshine was touching the ground. And there I was – or what I felt to be me as I was not having a body. I was going up a spiral towards the sky. Shining bright and golden light welcomed me on top as I was flying higher and higher. It didn´t seem to come to an end. I felt so liberated, so free, being without my body, just my soul flying through this wood. Seeing my soul in this wood brought me to tears. I could not stop staring at it, so beautiful was it. It clearly didn´t need a body it was perfectly fine on its own. Unique, beautiful. My soul. I suddenly felt so light, my soul already left to paradise and wandered through another place. I felt so liberated, so at peace with the world and myself. And just genuinely happy. When we woke up our teacher told us to hug each other and nothing could have been greater in this moment. I just wanted to hug the whole world, the whole universe! I had so much love to give and couldn´t wait to share it. It was truly amazing. And everyone else seemed to feel the same. There was such a positive energy in the room, everybody was laughing and loosened by the dancing we did before. Everybody was smiling, we were hugging each other for a long time, didn’t want to let go of each other. We were all warm and brightly smiling, everybody with so much energy to give, to share, to receive. The whole room was warm, glowing. It was truly beautiful. It was so beautiful to see how this practise even connected us more and more. It brought us so much closer together. By the end of this training, the connections would only be even more intense.  

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