Trapped emotions

And how important it is to deal with them. During my Yoga Teacher Training in India, I learned about emotional blockages in our body and to never underestimate the power of your emotions. I experienced myself how important it is to deal with them and to eventually let them go.

A difficult road

Dealing with your emotions might not always be easy – in fact, for most people it rarely is. When are we taught how to handle them? Never. It is something you learn by experience, all by yourself. One person slower, one faster. Yet it is incredibly important to being able to cope with them. Especially if they are trapped.

Trapped emotions are feelings deep down inside you most likely don´t want to face – and you might not even be aware of it. We all have certain fears, anxieties. Sometimes its easier to push them down, put them away. Store them safely aside to not look at them too often. To close up the painful box of long forgotten memories. It is easier. An easy way out. But the thing is – nothing will stay in this box forever. Eventually, everything comes up to the surface.

Emotional blockage treatment class

For my class during my yoga teacher training and I it was time to face our fears in our emotional blockage treatment class. When I first heard about it, I had no clue of what to expect. I didn´t know anything about trapped emotions, it was nothing I had given much thought in the past. But that was about to change. We started the class gathering in a circle. One person laying in the middle with our teacher was showing us which emotion inhabits which part of the body. He taught us that emotions can be pointed out massaging a certain part of your body. For example, anger is mostly found in the elbow. While massaging this point correctly, the particular trapped emotions – in this case anger – can surface again.

Pressure points

After our teacher showed and explained us the pressure points of our bodies, we were free to try the treatment on each other. Of course, we were no experts and at first it was a lot of trying to find the correct points. But with time and practise you got a feeling for it. Letting your partners body guide you to where the emotion lays. There, we were putting as much pressure onto it as our partner wanted us to. As this treatment can be very painful, we had to be very careful as well. Trapped emotions can be stored inside the body for a lot of years. In a lot of years, you can accumulate a lot of hate, fear, anxiety… Just imagine all of that inside you – it will not be easy to get it out. Certain parts were very painful – the deeper the blockage the more pain you will get. But you need to suffer through it. Only then the emotion can really truly be released.

My experience

For me, my blockages were mainly laying in my legs. One particular part of it was so painful I immediately was in pain once it was massaged. And then started crying – especially once I knew what it was related to. It made perfect sense. I knew there was something there I had to resolve. It was a problem I was not even consciously aware of – an issue with an impact bigger than I had imagined.

Dealing with my blockages

This was a very powerful experience for me. Especially because I knew that all my blockages related to something in my life I had to resolve. Rather sooner than later. Something I was consciously or unconsciously struggling with. After one class in particular I could pinpoint an emotion directly related to a very close person in my life. I knew I had to do something about that. Now I had a choice – now I knew about it. I could choose to act or to just let it be. At first, I was struggling to get in touch with that person. I thought “oh well, maybe I´ll call tomorrow”, over and over again. However, I quite quickly got to a point where I couldn´t just let it be any longer. If I really wanted to resolve a conflict, I had to act. Otherwise, this emotion might have stayed trapped inside. So, I called, talked and talked it out – and was very surprised how easy it was. Once I started talking, words just flowed out of my mouth. Of course, not all conflicts might be resolved that easily, but if it is related to a person close to you, a person you love and worship dearly, it might be good to get it out of the way. Talking your feelings out feels so liberating – to finally form your thoughts into words, to let them out and let them go. As if a huge weight had just been lifted from my shoulders.


However, before calling, I actually wrote about this particular problem as well. For me, writing was the first step of taking action. If you write about something you already take the first step. You already acknowledge that something is bothering you indeed. It´s not a mere thought in your head anymore, a thought you could probably push back into the depths of your mind again. No. It´s already out there. Black on white. On paper. You can read through it, you can look at it. It won´t just disappear. You cannot ignore it. Writing is and always will be a form of self-therapy for me – and I think it can be for everyone. Journaling on how you feel, putting your thoughts into words as good as you can. Sometimes, it´s good to bring them to paper. To get some structure in the chaos in your head.

Talking to your inner child

The emotional blockage course only took place for a week, but even if it was only a week, it had a very big impact on me. Before, I had no idea how exhausting it can be to deal with your emotions. Because we never do. We never really confront ourselves to ask: What is really wrong? Is little me truly happy? The “little me” concept is something a friend of mine told me about and I love it too. She told me to talk to my heart, to my inner child and ask her “How are you feeling?” “Are you happy?” from time to time. Then taking a moment to truly listen to the answers. I find this approach incredibly powerful. Your inner self always knows the answer already. The question is only if you are ready to hear it. So sometimes, you need to dig a bit to find it.

And now?

This one-week course taught me how to look at my emotions more reflectively. I might not always be successful with it, but hey – we all just try. Admitting what you really feel – at least to yourself – is so important. Not to put feelings aside thinking they will disappear if you just ignore them long enough. That won´t be the case. They will just become trapped inside. If something bothers you, get it out. Right now. Then it will be out of your body and out of this world soon as well.

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