The most satisfying Hummus Sandwich

Ingredients (one hungry person)

  • Whole wheat bread
  • 1 Zucchini
  • 1 Paprika
  • 7 Champignons
  • Hummus
  • Salt
  • Pepper

How to?

This recipe is super easy, but so satisfying! If you crave a real sandwich with bread and lots of stuff inside, try out this one. It´s also a perfect lunch or little snack in between – depending on how big your bread will be.


Cut one zucchini in the middle, then cut off stripes of the lengths. The stripes should be around 3mm thick, so they get a nice roasted flavour afterwards. Then add some oil or vegan butter to a pan and roast your zucchini on both sides. Add salt and pepper on top before you flip them, then take them out and put them aside. Repeat the same thing with your paprika. Cut it in stripes and let it roast on both sides, adding salt and pepper. Then chop up your champignons, adding them to the pan. Here you don´t even need to add oil as mushrooms usually produce a lot of liquid themselves. Roast them until the liquid has evaporated, then add salt and pepper again.

Once you have roasted your veggies, you can start out toasting your bread gently on both sides. This is optional, but I really love my bread when it´s toasted. Then add a generous amount of hummus on both sides of the bread. You can also make your own hummus (recipe on how to do so is linked below). Then we´re ready to assemble! Put the zucchini on top of your hummus, then the paprika. Then close it up with the second half of your sandwich! And you´re good to go! Wrap it up and eat it on the go or as a really ,really satisfying lunch in your break at work everybody is going to be envious of.

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