Too little diversity in our education system

If only schools could teach us what other cultures can. We would probably live in a much more peaceful world. If schools would teach us the respect you gain once you become friends with people from all over the world, we would live in such a nice community. Where everyone has a different background, where everyone lives together and learns from his/her neighbors. Sounds like a dream? So far, it is. But why not work on letting it become reality.

If we had the proper education, we could know so much about the whole world. Sadly, our system currently focuses on teaching us algebra and how to analyze speeches of politicians. Not even writing is free anymore! We are stuck in analyzing other people’s words rather than producing them on our own. Visions in our head are censored, are never brought to life on paper. Every attempt is brought back down to earth.

“You will not need it”, they say.

“This is real life”, they say.

Dumbing us down, not letting us think – should this be real life?

Shouldn’t we educate our children on how to think freely and how to ask questions? Shouldn’t we teach them to accept each and everyone just the way they are? That would be an education that would lead them into responsible and thoughtful human beings. They could learn all of the qualities we encounter someone with a different cultural background.

If you grew up on the opposite end of the world, you will most likely think in completely different ways. Which means you have a lot to learn from the other person. By talking, by getting to know each other, we can discover so much more than any school could ever teach us. We get a completely different inside of the world.

That´s why I decided to start a new project. Beginning next week, I am going to interview people from different countries about general prejudices against their culture and misconceptions people might have about their countries.

We all have pre-made pictures our society has put into our heads. Once we meet someone from a different country and the person mentions where he/she is from, you will react differently. I myself do so as well. We all have countries we consider “cool” and want to learn more about, we all have countries we consider “boring” and don’t even bother getting to know. It´s a natural behavior to put people into boxes, but I want to start setting an end to it.

Because once we know how much we can benefit from the experiences of others, we might not be so tempted to put people into boxes anymore. That’s why I want to work with prejudices and misconceptions. Starting next week I´m going to present you a new culture every week to talk about the main misconceptions people have about them.

So, stay tuned! Next week there will be more.



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