My mind – my greatest enemy?

Did you ever think about that every negative thought, every “unfair” thing that ever happened to you might just be a matter of interpretation? It’s the way we interpret a situation that determines how we will feel about it. We do have two options here: getting upset because life is just unfair or trying to see it from the bright side.

I recently discovered that it would make a lot of difference in my daily life if I choose to interpret “upsetting” situations in a positive way. You always have the choice to lift your head up, straighten your shoulders and move on. Or you can carry whatever might upset you with you and let it destroy your mood and the rest of your day. It’s up to you.

So, let me tell you a little story that happened to me recently. I just had a super “bad day”. I woke up and didn’t feel good as I had been working the whole night before. I didn’t sleep nearly enough, I had a lot of stuff to do, a lot of stuff in my mind. I was stressed out, couldn’t calm down and was just mad at the world in general. Everyone can relate so far? I guess we all know these days. Nothing major happing, but you wake up with a bad feeling telling you this day is going to be awful as hell. In my case I had to get up in the morning as I wanted to take some Spanish classes. I ended up getting home at four, waking up at seven and going out to look for the school. On the way I already felt like this was a bad idea, I didn’t know the area I was walking through that well, I was sure I would get lost somehow. I ended up in the wrong building asking for the class, but no one could help me. Nobody even knew about the class I was talking about. After an hour of running around in the building, searching and asking without receiving any satisfying answer I went home. Tired and already frustrated I made myself a cup of coffee to wake up. There was no point in going back to sleep again, I was already too upset too being able to fall asleep again. When I accidently burned myself by spilling hot coffee all over me, I was close to being annoyed out of my mind.

However, something in my mind shifted then and I suddenly thought: Wouldn’t it be better to just accept what happened instead of being upset about it? It’s such a beautiful day and you’re going to waste it just because you decide to let yourself being impacted by your negativity. So, I pushed my negative thoughts away and started to shift my mind towards something more positive. I just repeated positive phrases like a mantra. It’s a beautiful day, you’re in Barcelona, you enjoy life. You can be grateful to be alive and to wake up this morning. I was just trying to develop a little more gratitude, a little more gratefulness to be alive and to fully enjoy the moment I am living in. First I felt silly talking to myself like that, but after a while I was starting to get that I was actually right. What was I doing being all upset about things I couldn’t change anyways? Why would I let myself being impacted by as little problems as that?

Once you start to think negatively you get caught up and consumed by your thoughts and it gets hard to escape. It’s easier to just be grumpy and hate the whole world. If you’re already caught up in it, it gets worse and worse. A negative spiral that only goes downhill from that. So, most of the times we risk being moody and miserable for the rest of the day. But why wasting a whole day by staying in a bad mood? What do we get from it except not feeling good and not being happy?

Just imagine you’re 80 years old, sitting on your porch and looking back on your life. Wouldn’t you be a little bit upset about all the time you spend angrily when you could have spent your day much more positive and satisfied? A day full of joy is a day you really live. A day you’re grumpy and angry at everyone and everything is a day you’re just existing. Who wouldn’t like to live every day to his full potential instead of just existing and letting life happen to you?

So, whenever you have the choice to get upset over a tiny little thing that annoys you, start thinking beforehand: Is it really worth being angry about that? Isn’t there something good in my life I can focus on? You’ll see, there’s a lot to be grateful for.

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