Back into the heart of a child

Do you sometimes wish to be a child again? To go back to this time without worries, without sorrows? That time you didn’t know a lot about the world and the tiniest things made you happy and brought you the greatest amount of joy? I can already see you sitting there with great memories of the past floating your mind. So how come we forget all about this simple joy once we grow up, once we turn into an adult? Then life is suddenly not fun anymore. Everything is supposed to be serious and don’t you dare laughing or being happy, seriousness is all that matters.

When we are young, we are dreaming of becoming an actor, a singer or a painter. Once we grow up we put all these dreams aside and start peeking into the direction of money. Money becomes the most important thing, we are getting caught up in it. We follow it into jobs we don’t like, we do things we don’t like to earn a little more here, a little more there. We grow up and put our childish dreams aside. Because they are just stupid and childish, right? Adults don’t focus on dreams anymore, they are facing reality. Now, we want to become successful sellers, bankers, managers. Jobs with great responsibility and reputation. But what do we actually need this reputation for? For our families, for impressing strangers, for society? Just to being admired for a minute and then going back to our homes feeling burned out and asking ourselves what we’re actually trying to accomplish? That can’t be the only purpose of adulthood.

Put the reputation aside for a bit, let’s focus on time. Taking your time if a much more valuable thing. Not money, not success. Time. Taking time for the things you enjoy, making time for the right people in your life. You’ll see, you will be rewarded. I recently started taking my time to focus on things I really love doing. I love writing, for example. Writing gives me the greatest joy, it makes me happy, it leaves me in a flow where I’m completely free, lost in my thoughts, typing into my PC like a maniac. These are times I’m just caught up in the moment and feel truly happy. Every morning I am waking up with new ideas in my head thinking about exploring them and writing about them. That way I always start my day with a smile on my lips, with a great motivation to keep on going throughout the day. After I wake up I have a great amount of energy I am not willing to waste on something I don’t like doing. Take time for what you love first, even if it’s just a few minutes. It will make your day a little brighter.

We all have a creative side, but sometimes it gets lost way too easily. It’s our creative sides that make us happy, it’s these childhood dreams we should bring back to life. Not the working in an office 9-to-5 job. The job you dreamed about when you were a little kid. You all have things you’re good at, things you like doing. Follow them, explore them. I am exploring new possibilities every single day and can honestly say I’ve never felt happier doing so. Every day I’m thinking about something I could write – or even cook.

As I love cooking I decided to add this section in my blog as well. Just had to throw that in there. But well, that’s me, trying to do everything possible at the same time and more.  At home I am cooking a lot and my flat mates always come by asking me what I’m making and being curious about the fact that it’s all completely vegan. Most of the times, people are surprised that vegan food is actually delicious. And I love to prove that it really tastes amazing.

The most important thing is to start what you love and to keep doing it. Consistency is the key to feeling good about what you’re doing. When I first started my blog I was afraid that I wouldn’t come up with anything to write about after a while. So, I stopped it for a bit, I wasn’t motivated to go on as I wasn’t sure it would lead me anywhere. However, when I started again I promised myself to be more consistent. To take the time to post every week. So far I feel happy doing it. It’s just the start that might be difficult, but once you develop a certain habit, you’ll see you’ll stick to it – and be surprised to see you’ll feel actually bad breaking it.

Express yourself in whatever way possible – I guarantee you it will make you happier. If you think about that one thing you love to do most every morning as soon as you wake up a lot is going to change. Apart from the challenges and tasks you have to master today – you will have something that gives you great joy and that’s just beautiful.

So, in a way children have it all figured out. It’s funny that we still can learn a lot from the little ones. They don’t waste time on things they don’t like or that bore them. They simply move on and pursue what they like and what interests them. Of course, life can pose some more difficulties to that, but if you really want to you will find a little bit of time for something you love every day. It can only be five minutes, but five minutes is something everyone can spare. Five minutes are a start to make a difference as well. Just test it! It will give you greater joy than you might imagine.


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