Goodbye Bordeaux – Hello Barcelona

Days passed, weeks seemed to fly by and now, after living in Bordeaux for almost five months, I had to say goodbye to this beautiful city once again. Sadly I couldn’t even fully enjoy my last days as I had to clean my apartment before leaving. As the owner demanded it had to be as clean as a whistle, my last days in Bordeaux were full of dusting, mopping and scrubbing the place as clean as I could.

Then it was time to say goodbye to my friends. On my last evening I organised a little get together were we sat down on the grass near university to chat. Nothing major, but a nice way to say goodbye and to see everybody again before leaving. We stayed until it was getting dark, then left to get something to eat. When time came to an end and I had to say goodbye to everybody, I was a bit sad indeed. I just hate dealing with farewells. This time it was surprisingly okay however – maybe because I already know I will see a lot of them again in a near future. Still, I got to know some truly amazing people I am going to miss a lot. I kind of wish I could give everybody of them a big hug once again.

I will surely miss the city of Bordeaux as well. If you move to a new country everything is new and exciting at first. However, once you are settled down, you get into your little routine and the group of friends you’re going to hang out with starts to form itself. Life gets into a flow, you get to know the city, you have your favourite places to go to every Friday night and you have your activities you enjoy engaging in.

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Off to Barcelona

Well, actually, I shouldn’t complain. Of course, goodbyes aren’t something enjoyable, but every goodbye offers you some new opportunities, new starts, new possibilities. Especially because I wasn’t leaving Bordeaux to go back home to Vienna – no. I was leaving Bordeaux for Barcelona. The best city in whole Europe. To live with my boyfriend for the summer – can it get any better than that?

What am I going to do there though? Well, that’s open for discussion right now. I don’t really know what I will end up doing, I just know that being here feels right. When I was flying here and my airplane was preparing to land I looked down seeing the city coming closer and closer. Recognizing the beach, the landmarks, the buildings. Seeing all these places I know so well by now I really felt like

– This is home.

Shouldn’t my home be Vienna though? Maybe. But it just doesn’t feel like it right now. I probably even know more about the city of Barcelona than I could tell a tourist about Vienna.

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I’ll also need to find a job in Barcelona – I have no idea what I will end up doing, but let’s see what will come up for me. Well, first of all I will have to deal with a lot of Spanish bureaucracy to be able to work in the country. Everybody from abroad needs to get an NIE, a number of identity for foreigners. Without it you can’t do anything except enjoying your vacations. And while I am planning to enjoy my stay as much as I can – I have to work to gain a living there as well.

Pub crawl life

The thing I will end up doing a lot here are pub crawl for sure – a concept where a guide leads a group of people to different bars offering them good deals with cheap drinks or free shots ending at a club. As my boyfriend leads these pub crawls a few times a week I’ll be accompanying him as a second guide. A fun job, if you end up having a nice group.

The first one I attended was a bit of a mess though. It took place first day I was Barcelona. My boyfriend was supposed to pick me up but as my flight was delayed he couldn’t stay at the airport any longer to wait for me and had to hurry go to work in time. I ended up taking my suitcases to his apartment wanting to join him at the pub crawl later. But, of course, this day I had to be out of luck. Google maps stopped working so I asked a friend of his who also lived in the apartment to help me – a Brazilian who only spoke Portuguese and a few words of Spanish. However we managed to understand each other somehow, throwing English, Spanish and Portuguese all together, pointing and gesticulating. He sent me some screenshots of my way to the bar I was supposed to go join the pub crawl and off I went. I wasn’t sure if I would even end up finding the bar, without Google maps I was so lost I couldn’t believe it. It’s a bit scary how much we are depending on our phones these days. I guessed my way to the metro and afterwards I had literally no clue where I had to go. After wandering around for a while I finally noticed a place I that looked familiar. However, it was still a long way to reach the bar which was in the Gothic quarter. This part of the city is composed of a lot of narrow dark streets that all look the same and I was sure I wasn’t going to find my boyfriend there. So I messaged him a bit desperately, knowing he had to work and sure what to do next. Luckily the bar wasn’t that far away anymore, so he came running to pick me up. When we finally met I was so happy he found me after so many problems at the start.

The pub crawl there was nice, even though I was a bit too tired and done from my journey to fully enjoy it or to engage in any greater conversation. A group of 27 people, so definitely a lot. In other circumstances it would have been a bit more fun. That way I was just waiting for my bed at home.

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The big group of 27 the day I arrived

However, the other crawl I went on we were having a blast. The group were 5 German guys who spent their previous night at the beach as they couldn’t find a hostel. Now they were ready to keep on partying. During the night I ended up texting a tinder date of one of the guys, because he wasn’t sure he had the English skills to talk to her. I’d like to know if I was successful… Anyways, the guys were telling us funny stories of what they had already done in Barcelona – they definitely enjoyed the city partying a lot. The group of 5 was getting smaller and smaller. One we lost because he was way too drunk to follow us anymore, so we put him into a cab to drive home. The next one went away to meet his tinder date. At 2 am. Well – I’d like to know how that went as well. However, the other 3 stayed with us until the end. Before entering the club where the crawl was supposed to end we wanted to take a group picture with them.

– Ok guys, we have to take a group picture now! As there’s only three of you left, you have to be especially creative to make it look cool, my boyfriend told them

–  Oh look, there’s a stature we could climb up!

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-22 at 14.28.47 (1)
Two Germans conquering a statue

And so they did. The statue was standing right in the middle of a pond, but it was possible to get to it anyways. Two of the Germans climbed up. I was a little bit afraid to fall into the water and stayed down – smart idea. A few seconds later we could already hear a police car pulling over. The Spanish officers weren’t that amused seeing some drunk tourists climbing their statues and demanded them to come down immediately. Asking them for their IDs they took their passports and went back into their car. They were sitting there for a while – I guess they just wanted to keep us waiting for a bit, turning up the suspense. There was not much they could do anyways. In the end, the two Germans who climbed the statue ended up getting a warning – a warning, not even a real fine. No punishment at all – lucky us. However, the next time some drunk tourists want to climb a statue we’ll probably make sure that there’s no police around to avoid getting in trouble again.

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